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This me to everyone who doesn’t play animal crossing when they ask what is so fun about it. My friends and family think I’m insane.

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Flower fields, and ideas

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Peanut is moving out on the 16th if anyone wants her!

I do if you still got her!

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Just a quick little QR from my old town! 

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midday surprise upload of my long-tweaked ChocoMint pattern line! Three dresses, three shirts. THREE CHEERS FOR MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ICE CREAM!! Better eat it all before it melts!

(oh wait, half of you people out there think it’s the grossest flavor ever. w/e, your tastebuds are being total jerks to you. Partially inspired by Angelic Pretty’s Melty Royal Chocolate line, partially inspired by spending long hours contemplating clothes befitting a Carmen gijinka.)

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Piano Skirt + Sweater QR Code by me

Sorry, I couldn’t find the original post for the image.

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I REACHED 100+ FOLLOWERS TODAY! So a big thanks to all of you :)

to celebrate, here are the qr codes for the succulent planters i posted yesterday! i just lightened the boxes a little to make them less red-toned and added a bit more shadows around the edges. 

i just love the look of these around my event plaza. they give my town some much needed ~industrial-design vibes~ 

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heres a shirt version of the totoro dress i posted earlier c: i’ll take requests if you wanna send them ^~^

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